Unchain is a charity project created by blockchain activists. Our goal is to break the chain of war.
Your support helps us raise and quickly distribute funds for humanitarian needs in Ukraine
Instant help
Now we are urgently raising funds to directly support Ukrainian people on the ground. Our goal is to help Ukraine become the country it deserves to be: peaceful and free. Learn more about our direct aid process in the sections below.

Let’s unchain the real power of blockchain for the good.
Unchain Help Card
Unchain Help Card is a virtual card made to help Ukrainian women with children. It is the first charitable cryptocurrency card in the world. For people receiving help, it looks like an ordinary virtual MasterCard. Easy and ready to use.
With this card, people can quickly receive financial assistance from Unchain Fund. This is not a loan, and one doesn’t have to pay it back. The card was launched in partnership with Weld Money, a Ukrainian startup that creates cryptocurrency cards entirely suitable for everyday payments. The issuer of the virtual charity card is Unex Bank.

Crypto is becoming the new currency of charity. Make your contribution.
Standing with Ukraine
Unchain is a charity project created by blockchain activists to support people in Ukraine during this crisis time.

Your support helps us raise and quickly distribute money for humanitarian needs. So that the people of Ukraine could get help where they need it the most. We’re always open for cooperation.
Donation Info and Stats
Updated: 16.05.2022
* For now, the information on the site updated several hours later than in our social networks.
Number of requests: 3493
Applications fulfield: 3493
Volunteers: 59%
Organizations: 36%
Funds, Medical centers, Hqadquaters, etc.: 8%
Verified by the Crowe international audit company, a TOP-8 in the world ranking of audit companies
Flow of donations
  • Migrant Support
  • Food
  • Psychological support
  • Communication
  • Protective Equipment
  • Medicine
  • Direct aid
Important note: we are not raising funds for weapons.
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Fund spending in details
The information is updated every day and contains up-to-date detailed data on the dates and amount of money spent, their purpose and the region our assistance was provided
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Supported by
Vitalik Buterin
Co-founder of Ethereum donated 750 ETH (~$2,5 million) to Unchain Fund
Illia Polosukhin
Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol, join Unchain Fund and has helped raise nearly $7 million.
Alexey Meretskyi
Founding and managing partner
Alexey Bobok
Founding and managing partner
Oleg Kurchenko
Founding and managing partner
Rev Miller
Founding partner
Multisig Signers
The following people are the members of a multi signature wallet where all the donations are held before distribution.
Illia Polosukhin
Co-Founder NEAR Protocol
Scott Moore
Co-Founder @gitcoin, also @PleasrDAO @seedclubhq @ensdomains
Alex Gluchowski
Co-Founder ZkSync, Matter Sync
Community Investing @1kxnetwork, member @Meta_Cartel, @VENTURE_DAO
Alexey Bobok
Co-Founder at Weld.Money
Rev Miller
Co-Founder @ Atlantis World, Adoption Lead @ Witnet, Guide @ Kernel (Gitcoin)
Alexey Meretskyi
Co-Founder at Weld.Money
Oleg Kurchenko
Founder Binaryx.com
CJ Hetherington
Co-Founder @ Atlantis World
Nick Vasilich
Europe & Asia @harmonyprotocol
Andriy Velykyy
Co-Founder Allbridge.io
Unchain Team
The following people are the team members, who help the project to exist.
Leonid Koloda
Chief Technology Officer
Yuliia Vynogradova
Chief Financial Officer
Nataliia Koval
Chief Operational Officer
Viktor Dementiivskyi
Chief Operating Officer
Oksana Matveeva
Head of Marketing
Maria Glovatska
Head of Verification
Oleksiy Korol
Chief Legal Officer
Aleg Koshyk
Chief Creative Officer
Maryna Sandik
Chief Purchases Officer
Olena Shvets
Infrastructure Lead
Nadezhda Yakubets
PR lead
Kovbel Artem
Auditor. Member of the Advisory Board
Andrew Peschaniy
Fundraising Ambassador
Olga Mytrokhina
Fundraising Ambassador
Shutieva Yana
Head of Financial control
German Kramar
Dmytro Honcharov
Design / Creatives
Alexii Kucherov
Tech Lead Golang Developer
Amina Kkhelufi
Head of Back-Office
Anton Shpera
Finance manager
Anna Shakola
NFT lead
Andrii Shatyrko
Crypto Marketing Manager
Nastya Burganova
Creative lead
Larysa Berezorudska
SMM lead
Yurii Vishtal
Community Manager
Tatiana Leonova
How do I know that the fund will go to the right place?
All donations garnered go to a multi-signature wallet before being directly distributed to people on the ground in Ukraine. Each signatory to this wallet are active in the larger cryptosphere and have made their wallet addresses public. All transactions are publicly readable on the blockchain. Only after a majority of signatories sign a transaction can funds be moved. This is an extra measure of security against rugpulls and bad actors.
What is the process for applying for and receiving direct aid?
1) To make a first step start with a Telegram bot right here https://t.me/Unchain_Ukraine_Bot

This form includes collecting personal information, what the aid is needed for, ID cards, etc

2) Applicant is run through a KYC procedure led by The Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories https://www.ubki.ua/en/

This ensures that people are who they say they are. 5-7% of applicants fail this step.

3) A manager fills out a separate financial application for all of the aid applicants that pass the above step.

This is where they are approved to pay.

4) A financial manager distributes the funds.

This is paid out usually in cash. Payment status is recorded and updated.

5) Proof is provided.

This proof can take the form of a receipt, photo, video, etc.
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Break The Chain
Donate, Download and Share.

When the country is in war mode, it feels like there’s a huge chain constricting any hope for the best. Our goal is to break the chain of war and scatter its links far away from each other. So that they could never meet again.

You can also help us spread the word across the world. On the right you’ll find some helpful media assets you can share. We will direct all the funds to multiple humanitarian needs, including migration support, means of communication, medicine, cybersecurity tools, protective equipment, food etc.

Guys, let’s break this chain together. We can do this 💙💛
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